My Soul is on Fire!!!

Hello Everyone!

I just flew back from Asia, it’s 2AM in So Cal, and my soul is on fire!  I recorded so many amazing voices in Asia over the past few weeks, not to mention the voices of the voices at Comic-Con prior to my departure,  I am positively swimming in phonemes and perspectives that have completely rocked my world!

As promised, I will be uploading videos, interviews, and stories from this last trip, along with those from the past 25 years, directly to you, my invaluable supporters.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now I need to hear from you:  Where would you like me to take you first?

Who would you most like to hear from?

Here are some choices of voices from the past 30 days, from the most entertaining to the most illuminating:

Comic- Con: 

Bob Bergen doing the Vagina Monologues as Tweety Bird and a bit o’ Hamlet as Porky Pig!

Debi Derryberry (Jimmy Neutron) E.G. Daily (Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats) and Julie Dolan (Princess Leia in Star Wars Rebels) talking shop!

VASTA Conference:

My new bestie Professor Hema Singh from Delhi, winner of Indian Television Academy Award for Best Actress, singing and discussing Rasas and dialect in India.

Dr. I Wayan Dibia, who taught 200 of us to perform Balinese monkey chant known as Kecak in a matter of hours.


Stephan, a hero who started a program called Soap for Hope, recycling hotel soaps to prevent disease in some of the world’s most impoverished slums, all while exposing and intervening in child sex tourism and trafficking.

“I started Soap For Hope – to help families so that they don’t have to make the heartbreaking decision of having to sell their kids.”

PLEASE respond in the comments and let me know where to take you first!

We need our champions now more than ever, so please consider re-sharing this campaign with your favorite people to help us reach our goal!



PS:  Also an option:  more about my unexpected family homecoming in Japan 🙂

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